The Power of Cashflow, it's Free!



Here's how it works...

Once you've completed entering your now have the real power to explore the many ways to get the most out of your money.


1. Look at your results...

Do you have Surplus (money left over)?

To improve your results, review your expenses. Can you reduce or do without some of the expenses? Often times we get so busy with life, we don't realize that we are still paying for services/things we no longer need.

2. Don't stress...

Don't stress over this exercise. Have fun reviewing your spending habits. You may find it exciting or refreshing to 'clean house'.

3. Review again...

Review your results again. Be proud of your improved numbers. Remember even the smallest change can make big changes down the road.


Why it works...


How our cashflow differs from the many spreadsheets and budgets.

1. It is an Annual outlook, rather than the monthly focus.

2. It is about manageable pieces, rather than chasing pennies.

3. It is incredibly easy to modify/update.

An 'Abundance' mindset...

A young couple have settled down and started a family. The kids are now at appropriate age to attend daycare and mom (or dad) can return to work.

With one parent at home there is often a struggle to make ends meet. This can create a scarcity mindset and the feeling of falling behind.

The advantage of working with a financial planner is to help shift their mindset from scarcity to abundance. They now can see their current and future income in a different light and will be happier and more focused on their new behaviors.

This shift to an 'abundance' mindset is invaluable.