* Client names changed for privacy.

Joe & Mary

Confidence that our interests are being looked after. Honesty of the financial picture. Ease of Answering questions and straight forward answers.

Rick & Samantha

Tells me where I'm at - do not worry month to month. Have a comfort level. Trust comes from the way the program operates.

Michael & Joanne

Appreciate the organization and useful information. Able to discuss our business as an integral part of our plan. We feel that Informoney will be there in the long term. Our trust continues to grow as we look back and believe in what has been done. The discussions are always from the perspective of what is best for me!

Peter & Jane

The personal interest shown to us & our needs. The continual guidance & readiness to adjust portfolio.

Steve & Amy

Personal attention including semi-annual reviews. Well documented analysis of where our investments stand & future expectations.

Kenneth & Laura

Thanks to Russell I can trust a financial advisor again. Russell takes the time to explain investment strategies in simple understandable terms and has lots of examples to illustrate this graphically. Russell and his team are great at follow ups on issues discussed following the twice year meetings.

Rudy & Jess

We have a regular review of our portfolio allowing us to be more knowledgeable. Our confidence has grown with particular The Profit Tracker. Russell helps us be more conscious about decisions regarding our lifestyle.

John & Sandra

Great Tax Savings strategies. Russell helps guide us in the correct direction regarding our financial affairs. We really appreciate the team and how comfortable they make us feel.

Gerald & Audria

Russell really helps us look at things differently. He goes out his way to research into areas that we need consider. Our portfolio is growing, with great organization and record keeping.

Eden & Marge

Learning. Guidance. The Profit Tracker. The Wealth Tracker.


Russell is someone who knows what the markets are doing - expertise provides guidance. Finding a comfort zone - knowing that will keep our confidence. Stress relief!


Progress in a positive direction. Continually keeps an eye on our portfolio. Good at explaining financial info. Considers life stuff as well as money. Used Kolbe for interviews.