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Here is quick video for an Introduction to Cashflow. A little grainy but I can fix with a better internet connection.

Always looking for feedback but also using this to tilt us in the direction of what we can do.

Russell Schmidt (CFP) created The Informoney Program to share his techniques for achieving personal Financial Freedom. A teacher-at-heart he would like to pass on his knowledge.

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FINANCIAL FREEDOMS - Take charge of your money and get ahead!

The Infor-Cashflow freedom will:

Surplus cash is essential for a meaningful life and is mandatory to power all other Modules.

  • Show you where your money goes.
  • Free up cash to accomplish goals.
  • Reduce money stress.

The Infor-Investment freedom will:

  • Provide a simple strategy to multiply your money.
  • Provide on-line access to your results.
  • Provide choices to minimize fees.
  • Reduce or eliminate fear of the markets.

The Infor-Retirement freedom will:

  • Measure your retirement progress on your own time line plus your own income.
  • Continually adjust your progress as you make changes.
  • Ensure that retirement will not require any sacrifices to your lifestyle.

The Infor-Measure freedom will:

  • Tell you how much money you have contributed plus the amount the investment has grown (Profits).
  • Keep you confident when everyone else is afraid that they are losing money.
  • Show you that you are getting ahead in good times and when setbacks occur.

The Infor-Protection freedom will:

  • Protect your income when your cash/investments are insufficient to fall back on.
  • Provide income when you can't work due to illness or temporary job loss.
  • Provide assurance that you can successfully transition through hardship.

The Infor-Accumulation freedom will:

  • Find cash sources.
  • Fund important goals.
  • Provide a sense of accomplishment.

The Infor-Taxation freedom will:

  • Direct investments to the most tax effective strategies.
  • Save on annual and future taxes.
  • Provide extra cash for accumulation.
  • Keep your money out of Canada Revenue Agency's pockets.

The Infor-Business freedom will:

  • Help you start or improve a business.
  • Take advantage of all employment benefits.
  • Look for ways to make your work more satisfying.

The Infor-Debt freedom will:

  • Reduce your debt.
  • Use debt for your advantage.
  • Reduce or eliminate worry about debt.

The Infor-Philanthropy freedom will:

  • Find alternate ways for you to give.
  • Simplify your charitable giving.
  • Make you proud of your giving.

The Breakthrough Experience

Much of our life is spent worrying about whether we will have enough money. At times it seems impossible to ever reach such a goal. 

The 7-Step Financial Process is the Missing Structure, and now that you know will you take advantage of the opportunity?

"Stop worrying and start - stepping
your way to confidence."